Set 5: Thematic Vocabulary Cards- Item #27
Set 5: Thematic Vocabulary Cards- Item #27
Price = $ 19.99 Set 5 includes more than 140 illustrated cards with thematic vocabulary, in English and Spanish, on the following themes:
Holidays: Christmas/ La Navidad, Thanksgiving/ El día de dar gracias, Halloween, Day of the Dead/ El día de los muertos, Valentine’s Day/ El día de San Valentín, Columbus Day/ Cristobal Colón, St. Patrick’s Day/ San Patricio, Easter/ La Pascua, Independence Day/ El día de la Independencia, and others.
Research shows that students need to learn vocabulary in context, not in isolation, and teaching thematically is an excellent way for students to learn new vocabulary words. When students develop a rich repertoire of terminology in their first language, they can transfer that knowledge into English, enriching both languages at the same time.

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